CatalophoreTM services

Together with our team of scientists you will identify new or novel enzyme candidates for your reaction or process based on structural features of active sites. For the identification of these enzymes we are using in-silico methods applying our CatalophoreTM Platform, a combination of prepared structural data of proteins (CATALObase) and search algorithms and patterns tailored to your specific needs.

CatalophoreTM knowledge based

Our standard technique for the enzyme identification will be applied using a knowledge-based approach where specific three-dimensional patterns for your reaction are identified and used as a template input for the database search.

CatalophoreTM unguided

Our patented and unique approach is to use pre-calculated and annotated cavities as template to identify enzyme candidates using our cavity comparison algorithms. Therefore the scientific input for a specific reaction or an alternative enzyme search is minimized and deep knowledge of the mechanism or active site arrangement is no longer necessary to identify best alternatives to enzyme candidates.


CatalophoreTM. Overview of knowledge based (top) and unguided (bottom) catalophore search approch

Additional bioinformatics services

Get in touch with our team of scientists if you need help on projects related to structural bioinformatics, like homology modelling (automated modelling for large datasets is also possible), substrate docking (single or automated docking by applying our cavity guided docking approach) or molecular dynamics simulations.

Follow up wet-lab projects and workpackages

Our cooperation partners can provide you with expertise in biotechnology for follow up wet-lab projects and workpackages if desired.