Revolutionizing enzyme search

Our vision is to revolutionize the way enzymes are discovered enabling our customers to build profitable industrial processes for a sustainable future of white biotechnology.

With our approach we enable our customers to drastically improve the cost and quality of their products.

We are a team of scientists and offer our Catalophore TM platform to industrial partners interested in an unique and new R&D tool for enzyme discovery. You can also join us on the basis of a project partnership to discover enzymes  through our platform for your upcoming processes with the help of our scientific team. Please get in contact for more information or a detailed discussion.


The Innophore Team @ 2018


The new way of finding enzymes – “OUTSIDE THE BOX”​

Innophore uses a new and unique way to identify enzymes for existing or up-coming industrial biocatalytic processes. The Catalophore™ platform enables companies to make ground breaking discoveries with an exclusive database of 3D enzyme cavities.

The Catalophore™ platform is a digital search engine provided to industrial partners in the areas Pharmaceuticals, Fine and bulk chemicals, Biotherapeutics, Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, Industry or Molecular Diagnostics. Companies benefit from the application within finding altered protein properties such as thermo- and solvent stability, substrate spectrum, selectivity and specificity.

Based on spacial features of active sites of enzymes, new in-silico methods are used to identify enzyme candidates using the Catalophore™ platform, a combination of a comprehensive ready-to-use structural database of biomolecules and unique search algorithms and tailored patterns.

Compared to classic digital and manual laboratory searches, the Catalophore™ platform offers a unique, target-oriented search for alternative enzymes leading to a reduced time-to market for products.

The approach differs vastly from other offerings as it is independent of the overall structure, protein fold and amino acid sequence. This platform can drastically improve the cost and quality of pharmaceuticals, food, chemical compounds or the way new therapies are developed.


Innophore GmbH is a spin-off company of acib GmbH and University of Graz and was supported as founding project by Science Park Graz GmbH in the framework of the AplusB program.

Innophore GmbH is supported by the strategic investor EOSS Industries GmbH.